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Grammar & spelling sticklers needed!

Does it frustrate you to see typos in Web pages?

Do you bemoan the erosion of literacy online? Do you have grave fears that your children, your grandchildren, and their offspring are never going to learn correct English grammar and spelling rules when they see these rules being flouted by online publishers?

That’s most of us, I suspect.

But do you ever take it a step further and contact the offending site’s owner to give them a heads-up about mistakes in their pages?

Here’s how it normally goes:

  1. Make a screenshot.
  2. Write a description of the mistake.
  3. Find the website’s Contact Us page and fill out the form.
  4. Post the screenshot on social media (because you can never be sure the form got submitted properly, and contact forms don’t allow you to upload your screenshot anyway).
  5. Wait for a response, and if none comes, feel like you wasted your time — especially if the correction never gets made!

Most people would be glad to submit corrections if it wasn’t such a grand pain in the you-know-what to do. Especially if there is a graceful way to contact sites to offer your gem as constructive rather than destructive criticism, which most of us avoid.

Hey wannabe grammar cops, we want to deputize you!

Together we will clean up the Internet’s typos, preserving valuable historical information in a socially responsible way.

WebWordsmiths is building a utility to give you a way to easily highlight a mistake that will be sent to the site owner “automagically.”

How does this benefit YOU, my grammarian deputy?

Your registered name will be provided to the site owner, who may opt to hire you after viewing your portfolio on our Hire A Proofreader.com website.

The first 10 deputies to sign up will get a free portfolio that will keep track of your submitted edits and writing samples, as well as blogging capabilities at Hire A Proofreader.com.

WebWordsmiths will take only a nominal commission. This is a labor of love 47 years in the making for me!